Watershed Management Authorities of Iowa

Watershed Management Authorities (WMAs) are voluntary, intergovernmental agreements between counties, cities, and soil and water conservation districts that conduct local watershed-based planning. The first WMA formed in 2012, and today, there are more than 20 recognized by the state of Iowa. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources manages an informational page about WMAs.
In late 2016, WMA stakeholders articulated the need for a formal WMA network. Over the course of several meetings, a strategic framework was drafted, and in May 2017, an introductory meeting was held for the organization, now named Watershed Management Authorities of Iowa. The Iowa Water Center serves as a faciliator and to fulfill administrative tasks for WMAs of Iowa in the interest of fostering a self-driven, purposeful community of practice for better water management.

Purpose and Goals of WMAs of Iowa

WMAs of Iowa was created to enable WMA-to-WMA exchanges and be an information resource for the latest news and research, funding opportunities, and curriculum in watershed restoration. WMAs of Iowa seeks to:

  • Unite WMAs for further advancement in the state
  • Share resources, ideas, and best practices
  • Provide support to members through technical assistance and celebrating successes
  • Build and support ongoing public-private partnerships for success

WMAs of Iowa is currently (as of fall 2017) building membership and taking nominations for board members from WMAs established in the state. Once the board is in place, bylaws will be drafted and adopted, and a plan of action for the upcoming year will be established. A full-service website and newsletter will launch in 2018.
Please contact us with questions about WMAs of Iowa.

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