Flood of Ideas

Friday, June 8, 2018 - Sunday, June 10, 2018

When floodwaters ravaged ten square miles of Cedar Rapids in 2008, we came back stronger than before. We took our tragedy and used it as a springboard for our transformation into a vibrant community where innovation and collaboration thrive. This resilient spirit and deep love for our community was what formed our nonprofit, the New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative.
Ten years after that first flood, we want to showcase our community’s unique blend of resilience, ingenuity, and collaboration with “Flood of Ideas Weekend” – a three day event right here in the flood zone where teams will create, test, validate, and iterate on ideas inspired by disaster recovery. We’re looking for ideas on how to prevent future disasters, organize volunteers, protect houses, and more! Your ideas can be inspired by the flood, or related to disaster recovery more broadly.
For more information visit https://newbo.co/events/flood-of-ideas/.

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