EPA Releases Report on Coordination for Nonpoint Source Measures in Hypoxia Task Force States

05.23.2018 - Washington DC - The Nonpoint Source Workgroup of the Hypoxia Task Force has produced a summary of nutrient reduction measures among member states, and critical metrics for tracking and informing progress toward reducing nutrient loadings to the Gulf of Mexico. This document represents the first-ever report that focuses on the Hypoxia Task Force coordinated effort to account specifically for nonpoint source changes, primarily agricultural, that influence nutrient loading from a variety of methods. To read the report and learn how the Hypoxia Task Force and partners are supporting states in the Mississippi River Basin to implement nutrient strategies and conservation practices to reduce nutrient loadings contributing to hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico, visit: https://www.epa.gov/ms-htf/report-nonpoint-source-progress-hypoxia-task-force-states .
Originally appeared on the EPA Office of Water Subscriber Services

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