Request for Qualification & Proposal for the Beaver Creek Watershed Management Plan

04.30.2018 - Des Moines, IA - Polk County, on behalf of the Beaver Creek Watershed Management Authority is requesting a technical proposal from consulting and planning firms concerning their qualifications, experience, and availability to complete and develop a Watershed Management Plan for the Beaver Creek Watershed.   
Background The Beaver Creek Watershed Management Authority (WMA) is composed of numerous cities, counties, and soil & water conservation districts that are dedicated to reducing flooding and improving water quality.  Formed in 2016, the group has laid the groundwork for plan development and implementation.  In April of 2018, the Beaver Creek WMA received a planning grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to complete a watershed management plan. 
Request for Proposals The Beaver Creek WMA seeks qualified professionals for consultant services to develop a comprehensive watershed plan to focus on agricultural and urban conservation issues. The consultant for the Beaver Creek WMA will develop a comprehensive assessment of the watershed including, but not limited to, assessing the physical environment and contributors to flooding and poor water quality and develop strategic action steps to address the issues. Respondents must be able to demonstrate experience with the type of project described herein. 
Timeline Completion of the watershed management plan and all deliverables by October 31st, 2019.   
Scope of Services The design team will develop and deliver a comprehensive planning document:
  • •Task 1: Development of a Stakeholder Process- a planning process driven by stakeholder involvement and an established open line of communication between key groups.
  • •Task 2: Review Existing Studies and Future Land Use Plans- Building on existing plans will garner quick buy-in from stakeholders, and expeditiously complete a watershed baseline.
  • Task 3: Watershed Resource Inventory and Assessment of Issues- Conducting a watershed resource inventory will provide a deeper understanding of the watershed and pollutant sources. 
  • Task 4: Watershed Action Plan- Utilizing completed assessments, this plan will encompass both short term and long-term priorities to meet watershed needs. 
  • Task 5: Education Plan- A successful education plan developed with watershed stakeholders will provide a diverse framework for future implementation efforts. 
  • Task 6: Final Plan- Prepare a document that outlines the planning process, summary of watershed assessment and data, and implementation guidance.   
For more detailed information on the scope of services, goals, milestones, and reporting requirements, refer to the attached Iowa DNR Planning Grant Application.  
Submission Requirements Statements submitted in response to this request must address the following categories and be limited to 12 pages, single-spaced, double sided. Do not include company promotional materials. 
Project Team Outline the project team including the lead plus any key team members such as environmental experts, engineers, etc. who are critical for the consideration by the evaluation team. Provide complete information that explains the relationship between team members and their respective roles in contributions to this project. 
Statement of Qualifications Summarize the lead planners’ experience in complex, environmentally sensitive projects that require interaction with a broad range of stakeholders from urban and rural to public and private sectors. Describe the project team’s experience within the most recent 5-years related to agricultural conservation, watershed and regional scale planning, stormwater management planning, environmental restoration, and green infrastructure planning and implementation. Demonstrate experience in completing projects of the scale and complexity envisioned in this draft proposal on budget and on schedule.  
Approach and Methodology Provide a proposed approach and methodology to meet the scope of work outline by the Beaver Creek WMA in the required timeline and funding.  The respondent may also include additional services, tasks, etc. not identified in this request that they believe will improve the project, reduce costs and time, and meeting the needs of the plan development. 
Funding The Beaver Creek WMA understands the development of a watershed management plan, as described above, may be above the budgeted $133,000 in funds.     
Submittal Items required for proposal submission:
1- Company contact information
2- Project team and statement of qualifications
3- Proposed methodology to complete scope of work
4- Proposed cost for services  
Costs for preparation of the herein requested information will be born by those submitting proposals. Requests for payment for this information will not be entertained.   
Proposals must be submitted no later than 4:30 pm on May 18th, 2018.  Proposals should be submitted to Kurt D. Bailey, P.E., Polk County Engineer, Polk County Public Works Department, by email at   
If you have questions concerning this request, please contact Kurt Bailey at 515-286-3705 or via email.
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