Several Iowa Researchers Awarded in Iowa Water Center Competitive Grants Competition

06.27.2018 - Ames, Iowa - The Iowa Water Center is pleased to announce the recipients of one research seed grant and one graduate student supplemental research grant for the 2018 Iowa Water Center Competitive Grants program. This is an annual statewide program to fund research that addresses water research needs in the state of Iowa.
This year's competition priority area was the study of harmful algal blooms (HABs). The purpose of this grants program is to focus on key issues and up-and-coming research topics that are critical to the state of Iowa and beyond. Anticipated outcomes of funded projects are discoveries that guide further funded research and enable a deeper understanding of water-related issues that may inform water resource management.
The 2018 seed grant funding was awarded to Yau-Huo(Jimmy)Shr, Chuan Tang, Catherine L. Kling, and Wendong Zhang at Iowa State University for the project titled, “The Economic Benefits of Mitigating Harmful Algal Blooms in Iowa.” This project will seek to understand how people make tradeoffs between several aspects of water quality as well as provide decision-makers with scientific and quantitative data to inform the direction of conservation programs in Iowa.
The Iowa Water Center also selected one graduate student project to provide supplemental funding. The purpose of this funding is to enable graduate students to complete additional research objectives beyond the scope of their current work, with an emphasis on submitting their research to peer-reviewed publications.
The Graduate Student Supplemental Research Competition awardee is Daniel Linton with advisor Bradley Miller in the Agronomy Department at Iowa State University for the project titled, “Spatial Potential for Enhanced In-field Denitrification from Perennial Vegetative Filter Strips.”
For more information about the Iowa Water Center’s annual competitive statewide grant program, visit the Iowa Water Center website (
The Iowa Water Center:The Iowa Water Center is a federally-funded organization part of the National Institutes of Water Resources. Located on the Iowa State University campus, it is one of 54 institutes located throughout the United States and U.S territories. The purpose of the Iowa Water Center is to identify water-related research needs, provide outreach and education opportunities, and disseminate information about Iowa’s water resources to the public to form better policies and everyday practices.

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