ISU Soil and Water Club

Soil and Water Conservation Club
The ISU Soil and Water Conservation Club is an student club at Iowa State University that promotes soil and water education and conservation (undergraduate and graduate students). SWCC is affiliated with the Iowa Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society and under the umbrella of the Iowa Water Center. SWCC provides educational resources to the public with demonstration tools and a scientific publication developed for general audiences.

Heidi Ackerman, Agronomy
Hanna Bates, Iowa Water Center
Rick Cruse, Iowa Water Center
Bradley Miller, Agronomy

Ground Water Flow Models
The groundwater flow model is constructed and marketed by student members. The model can be used as a teaching tool by schools, businesses, government agencies, and others interested in groundwater education. If you have any questions, please contact
The order form can be found at this link 
Getting into Soil and Water
Getting into Soil and Water is an annual publication published by the student club. This publication is a collection of written works from water professionals, scientists, and others in the water community and is written for general audiences. This publication is distributed to high school educators as well as professionals in the water community. Print copies of the publication is available upon request. Please contact to receive a copy.
Online archives:
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Getting Into Soil & Water 2018
Getting Into Soil & Water 2017
Getting Into Soil & Water 2016
Getting Into Soil & Water 2015
Getting Into Soil & Water 2014
Getting Into Soil & Water 2013
Getting Into Soil & Water 2012
Getting Into Soil & Water 2011
Getting Into Soil & Water 2010

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