Water Scholars Faculty Learning Community

Water is one of our most valued resources – without it, there would be no life. Degradation of water quality and increased flooding in some areas in the state are often sourced from cities and farms that are managed without watershed management in mind. In Iowa, we have areas with swelling rivers and parched soil; we also have large, costly facilities to clean the water from polluted source water that flows through our faucets. Water touches all disciplines, requiring many perspectives to solve complex water resource management problems, making it a top priority for many interdisciplinary research opportunities.
Faculty from the arts and sciences at Iowa State University are participating in the Water Scholars Faculty Learning Community held during 2019-2020 academic year. Please check our blog for updates about the program! 
Learning Community topics include: 

  • Science communication to the public and policymakers
  • Building competitive, diverse research teams
  • Grant writing
  • Arts and the environment
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