Welcome to the Iowa Water Center

Iowa takes its shape from the mighty Mississippi River as its east boundary and the Missouri River as its west one. In between are more than 1,200 rivers and streams, lakes, and wetlands. This system waters Iowa crops that feed and fuel the world, renews drinking-water sources for rural and urban populations, helps power Iowa industries, and lures visitors as well as residents into the outdoors for leisure and recreation. Often taken for granted, water is one of Iowa’s most significant resources.
Understanding this resource, and challenges to its sustainability, is the mission of the Iowa Water Center. We bring together researchers from across Iowa institutions to study issues related to the quality, quantity, and human dimensions of Iowa’s water resources. Knowledge gained through these studies helps shape policies and everyday practices that can improve and sustain Iowa’s water for future generations—both here in Iowa and for our downstream neighbors.
Through this website, you can learn about our research and the activities we sponsor to share research findings. You also have easy access to a wealth of other water-related information that we hope will be personally useful. From turning off the tap to cleaning up a river to mentoring others, you too can make a difference.
Read more about our work from 2006-2016 in our fact sheet
If you have suggestions or comments about this website, please contact us. Our goal is to make it as helpful as possible for all Iowans. 

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